Spenborough Flower Fund Homes ... Tenants Information


• Contact Point
Your first point of contact for all matters is Ms Jill Husband on Tel. 0113 2508332

• Repairs
If you need to report a repair then please use the above telephone number only.

• Doorstep Selling / Cold Callers
There are traders in the area who are knocking on doors to sell goods at prices well in excess of their worth. Please do not buy goods on the doorstep.
For your own safety, please also remember that should be cautious when opening the door and you should not allow people to enter your home if you do not know them.
If Spenborough Flower Fund Homes has asked people to visit you then we will let you know about this in advance.

• Yorkshire Water Meters
Yorkshire Water is contacting people with inside water meters to arrange for old meters to be replaced. The new meters will allow Yorkshire Water to read the meters from outside so that no further access to take readings will be required. The replacements are not being carried out in any particular order so you might find that you have been contacted but your neighbour has not. If you have any concerns then please contact Ms Jill Husband.


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